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Goals & Objectives

The following Goals and Objectives are hereby adopted by the Board of Directors based on the Strategic Plan dated January 2015 and adopted by the Board on February 5, 2015.


  1. Support MOAA and Georgia MOAA in shaping relevant Policy by:
    a. Coordinating with MOAA, GMOAA and local elected officials on priority legislative issues that require input.
    b. Briefing chapter leaders and members during monthly board meetings and membership meetings on priority legislative issues and needs to address them.


  2. Increase and Retain Membership by:
    a. Using periodic lists of MOAA members that are not members of a local chapter and use these as basis for contacting officers in the area that are prospective members.
    b. Encouraging members to make personal contacts with officers that are acquaintances or associates regarding membership.
    c. Conducting a “MOAA Officer Call” or similar type of voluntary event with Moody AFB.


  3. Conduct an active Public Information Program by:
    a. Regularly inviting a member of the local press to monthly chapter meetings, particularly, when high visibility visitors present programs at monthly meetings.
    b. Generating regular newspaper articles to help inform the public about chapter activities and involvement in the community.
    c. Participating in Retiree Appreciation Days at military installations.
    d. Continuing to improve the chapter website launched in October 2015.


  4. Develop and Provide Relevant Membership Value by:
    a. Providing quality and informative programs at monthly membership meetings that increase membership knowledge and awareness of issues and events at all levels.
    b. Strongly encouraging members to participate in community activities such as: laying of flags on Memorial Day to all who lost their lives during past and present wars; Hopes and Dreams Riding Facility where they are being sponsored directly by SGAMOAA or in conjunction with affiliated organizations.
    c. Actively addressing the needs of members who lose a spouse or experience a major life changing event by helping them coordinate with appropriate Casualty Assistance Personnel that can assist them.


  5. Increase Community Involvement by:
    a. Supporting the local ROTC/JROTC programs at VSU and High Schools in the area through the ROTC Scholarship Funding, graduation exercises and awards banquets or other presentations.
    b. Participating in a Mentoring Program with the Company Grade Officer Council at MAFB to promote interaction with active duty officers and promote professional development in the officer corps.
    c. Promoting the values of our military way of life by providing support of a boy and girl to the Annual Boys and Girls State encampments.
    d. Actively addressing the needs of military service members who are being separated from active duty for a variety of reasons through participation in transitional services by designated providers such as the Veterans Administration and Hopes and Dreams Riding Facility.

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